Will Lead International Investor Protection Organization

WASHINGTON, D.C. (September 13, 2016) – Minnesota Commissioner of Commerce Mike Rothman today began a one-year term after having been elected president of the North American Securities Administrators Association (NASAA), the oldest international organization devoted to investor protection and responsible capital formation.

In his inaugural address at NASAA’s 2016 Annual Conference in Providence, Rhode Island, Rothman issued a call for greater collaboration among regulators at all levels of government.

“Collaboration and working together is critical to our common regulatory imperative and mission: to protect investors from fraud and abuse, maintain fair and efficient financial markets, and support responsible capital formation to make a better economy,” Rothman said. “I would like us to look at additional opportunities for multi-jurisdictional investigations, examinations and other initiatives. We also plan to build on our multi-jurisdictional registration systems and technology, to enhance uniformity and efficiency in regulation.”

“As NASAA president, I hope to build on our strengths and accomplishments,” Rothman said. “We will focus on continuing to make NASAA an even better organization, stronger in our service to our state and provincial members and, above all, stronger in helping carrying out our responsibilities to protect the investing public.”

Rothman also identified his priorities for NASAA to undertake during his term, including: providing greater resources to help regulators and industry strengthen their cybersecurity practices; enhancing the multi-jurisdictional enforcement efforts of NASAA members and encouraging greater collaboration with federal agencies, the securities industry, law enforcement agencies and criminal prosecutors; strengthening NASAA’s leadership in protecting senior investors and vulnerable adults; building collaborative partnerships at the local, provincial, state and national levels in support of investor education and financial capability; continuing NASAA’s role in coordinating state efforts to promote responsible small business capital formation and investment opportunities; and further improving and delivering key services and resources to NASAA members.

“As leaders, we recognize it is important that NASAA strive for continuous improvement in order to be a high-performing organization that can adapt to changing needs and effectively serve our members,” Rothman said.
Rothman announced NASAA’s leadership for his term. The new Board of Directors includes: President-elect Joseph Borg of Alabama; Past President Judith Shaw of Maine; Kevin Anselm of Alaska; Shonita Bossier of Kentucky; Tom Cotter of Alberta; Pamela Epting of Florida; Melanie Senter Lubin of Maryland; and Michael Pieciak of Vermont.

He said he will ask NASAA’s Board of Directors to approve the following administrators to serve as chairs of NASAA’s sections: Broker-Dealer, Andrew Hartnett of Missouri; Corporation Finance, William Beatty of Washington; Enforcement, Laura Posner of New Jersey; Investment Adviser, Andrea Seidt of Ohio; and Investor Education, Karen Tyler of North Dakota.

For the past year, Rothman has served as NASAA’s president-elect. Previously, he served NASAA as Treasurer, chair of the Multi-Jurisdictional Matters Committee, vice chair of the Cybersecurity Committee, and as a member of the Senior Issues and Diminished Capacity, Capital Formation, Federal Legislation, Strategic Planning and Mergers and Acquisitions/Finders committees. He was appointed as Commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Commerce in 2011 by Governor Mark Dayton.

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