By Frances Stevenson, August 2, 2018

Candidate for Minnesota attorney general Mike Rothman swung through Fergus Falls on Thursday to chat with voters while he makes his way through central western Minnesota.

Rothman has visited several cities in southern and central Minnesota and had just traveled from Moorhead and Alexandria before that.

“I grew up in a small town called Chaska, so I have the perspective of being able to protect smaller communities,” Rothman said.

Rothman served as the commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Commerce for over seven years and worked as an attorney for 30 years. As commerce commissioner, Rothman worked on the flooding crisis, the Minneapolis tornado crisis, and the propane crisis.

“As commissioner of commerce, I oversaw 20 industries across Minnesota, that was the entire insurance, securities, banking and energy sector,” Rothman said. “In that time I saved consumers over $1 billion.”

Rothman says he will be able to protect Minnesotans from day one because of his position as commerce commissioner and his law experience. He believes there are many issues that face the country and Minnesota.

“Of my top priorities as attorney general will be protecting Minnesota consumers from harmful or deceptive corporate acts, protecting senior citizens from financial abuse and exploitation, taking action against opioid companies, and to protect Minnesota’s rural communities as I did as commissioner of commerce,” Rothman said.

No other candidate in the race has been the commerce commissioner for Minnesota nor has as much legal experience according to Rothman, which sets him apart.

“I was the statewide consumer watchdog, no other candidate has that,” Rothman said. “Most importantly I just want Minnesotans to know that I will work for them, it’s the people’s and the public’s law office, for them to call when they have consumer complaints, call when they have legal issues, and to make sure that Minnesotans have a strong attorney general and I’m the candidate for that.”

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